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Security Solution

security solution

Security Systems Division

Protecting people and safeguarding property is the business of this division. This division offers a broad range of products to the library, legal and government security industries. Product lines include theft protection systems for libraries and library patron self-checkout systems; physical file tracking systems; security laminate and label systems; and border management and document issuance systems

Border Management

border managementEvery second counts for your border inspectors. That’s why 3M Border Management Solutions are designed to deliver more information—in real time—to help make better and faster decisions at inspection points. 3M understands today’s border management challenges. Using our strengths in secure data management, policy and workflow integration, data capture, document authentication and biometrics integration, we can build a border management solution that helps solve the specific issues of your unique situation.

Document Issuance

document issuanceIdentity Cards, Passports, Visas, Electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents, Secure Materials and Personalization Solutions. We apply our years of experience with best-practice workflow and business rules to your issuance system. The result: improved operational efficiency, reduced implementation risk and lower operating costs. Exclusive 3M technologies help ensure the security of your documents in three crucial ways: 1) they ensure that your documents are issued only to those who are entitled; 2) they ensure that your documents are issued only by those who are authorized; and 3) they assure that, once issued, your documents cannot be altered or tampered with. In short, 3M can help ensure that your secure documents are trusted everywhere in the world.

Document Readers & Verification

document readers et verificationWhen it comes to data capture devices, one size does not fit all. 3M’s family of document readers provides you with a range of data capture alternatives that can easily be integrated into your traveler processing applications. From fast and reliable Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to multi-illumination document authentication, 3M offers solutions for desktops and self-service kiosks including technology for straight-forward MRZ reading to powerful single step ePassport reading.

Security Materials & Printing

security materials et printing3M offers a range of customized security laminates to provide moderate to very high levels of document security. Our technologies help ensure documents are protected against counterfeiting and attempts at alteration and tampering are easy to detect. 3M is a leading producer of finished, personalized passports and secure cards worldwide. We are a trusted source for security document expertise and biometric passports incorporating RFID technology in security laminates for passports and secure document issuing systems.