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SAMSTECH has partnered with Citrix to deliver enterprise class virtualization solutions. As a pioneer in the desktop virtualization space, Citrix today produces a complete desktop virtualization solution.
Our partnership with Citrix began in 2007 when excitement about XenDesktop was beginning. We immediately saw the potential of Citrix Desktop Virtualization to change the landscape of desktop deployment, flexibility and device support. Since that time, we have implemented XenDesktop into different environments. We have developed a strong understanding of the intricacies of desktop virtualization, and can provide a streamlined approach for implementing XenDesktop.
Looking ahead, for our government entities, the upcoming budget years provide some concern as budgets look to be tightened even further. We believe our clients who have already begun the implementation of XenDesktop will see immediate returns, as their ability to refresh desktops will no doubt be affected by the looming state and federal budget shortfalls. If you haven't looked into desktop virtualization as a strategy to control your long-term costs, contact us today to discuss how XenDesktop can help your organization.

Citrix Delivers IT as a Dynamic On-demand Service

Citrix offers a dynamic end-to-end virtualization system that transforms desktops and applications into on-demand services enabling users to work securely and productively from anywhere. Citrix virtualization revolutionizes desktop management and simplifies datacenter operations.
By centralizing and simplifying the management of desktops, applications, and server workloads, desktop management and datacenter operations costs are cut up to 50 percent. Citrix HDX Technologies optimize the efficiency and utilization of servers, networks and user devices to provide fast, efficient application performance regardless of user location.

Citrix Virtualization

With Citrix virtualization, IT updates and patches just one copy of each application and operating system in the datacenter, rather than having to manage many, or hundreds or thousands of user devices spread throughout the organization. New applications are delivered in minutes and updates to applications occur in seconds.
Citrix solutions include virtualization and networking products - Citrix® XenDesktop™, Citrix® XenApp™, Citrix® XenServer™ and Citrix® NetScaler™ - to create an end-to-end system that virtualizes desktops, applications, and servers, and centralizes them in the datacenter and broadcasts them to users over any network as an on-demand service.
Citrix virtualization solutions dramatically reduce operations costs and make businesses more efficient and more agile. Industry experts agree the time is right to make the move from static application deployment to dynamic virtualization solutions from Citrix.
With Citrix virtualization, you can

  • Cut facilities expenses with tele-working and remote working initiatives
  • Reduce labor costs with secure, productive outsourcing and off-shoring
  • Attract and retain key talent with flexible working alternatives
  • Rapidly deploy branch offices
  • Quick time to value for mergers and acquisitions
  • Minimize down-time with business continuity
  • Simplify regulatory compliance projects